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What Can You Expect When
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What Can You Expect When
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Frequently asked questions

How does selling a home work?
It is important to know your area and the community you are listing in. It is also important to know how to target your market and potential buyers. Listing in the MLS with detailed descriptions syncs to many popular online search tools that buyers use. In addition, broker tours and open houses help professionals and potential buyers experience your home. I am a strong believer in follow up, and will touch base with you after each & every showing and relay the details back to you.
How does marketing a home work?
MLS exposure is key to selling your home. This lists your home not only in, but also several leading home search engines. Your home will also auto-email to potential buyers who have enlisted the services of a buyer’s agent who has created a custom search for them. In my experience the best buyer has hired a Realtor to guide them because they are committed to the process of purchasing a home. In addition to online exposure through MLS and local social media posts, Broker property tours & open houses are great ways to get potential buyers in your home and invite busy professionals to see all that your home has to offer their potential clients.
Do I have to disclose everything about my property when selling?
Disclose, disclose, disclose! Failure to disclose puts you at risk for legal ramifications. If in doubt, disclose and list repairs/remedies made. Most buyers are reasonable and understand that repairs and maintenance are normal in home ownership. Disclosing repairs or existing problems is key to working with honesty and integrity. As your Realtor, I insist on it.
How does buying a home work?
When buying a home, the first thing we do is meet and set expectations. I take a lot of notes to find out what you want and help you determine the best plan of action. Your home is a reflection of you & your families personality & lifestyle. I love getting to know my clients and what motivates them to help them find a place to call home. Learn more abou the process here.
Where do I go to finance my new home?
I have cultivated a team of industry leaders offering a niche in each type of lending transaction. From first time, VA, commercial/rental/investment to a standard conventional loan, I have a rolodex of the best! If you have a lender you know & trust I would love to meet them and see what they offer!
How do we get started?
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