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What to Expect When Buying a Home

Buying a home should be a fun and exciting experience. As a realtor with 13 years of experience, I want to walk you through what home buyers I work with experience when buying a new home.

Setting Expectations

When buying a home, the first thing we do is meet and set expectations. Your home is a reflection of you and your families personality and lifestyle. I love getting to know my clients and what motivates them to help them find a place to call home. These are important recommendations I make to my clients as we create a search and narrow down favorites:

  • Research the School District, even if you don’t have kids, because they affect home values.
  • Look at local safety and crime statistics
  • Map the nearest grocery store, hospital, pharmacy, commute to work and other amenities you will need.
  • Drive through the neighborhood at various times on different days to get an accurate feel for the traffic, noise and activity levels.

In this initial meeting I pull out my invaluable list of referrals and we narrow down some of the best lenders to match your personality and unique buying needs. After our initial meeting, your visit with a lender is a very important next step in the process. It is important to know your buying power and have a pulse on the lending trends and rates. A pre-qualified buyer is a strong buyer and savvy sellers always ask for those pre-qual letters!

Custom Search

Next we create a custom search in the MLS and the hunt for your ideal home begins. You will be able to communicate with me in this portal and tag your favorites. We will narrow it down and schedule a day to see the homes. We should be able to pull the best the market has to offer and narrow the search down to your top 10 homes.

Making an Offer

Once we have identified the “ONE” we begin the process of making an offer. I will pull comparables to support our asking price and we will negotiate to find a price both parties agree upon, and we will proceed forward. In Texas, it is common to ask for an option period. This is typically a 10 day period that you purchase for an average of $200 to do your due diligence.

During this time you can cancel the contract for any reason, request repairs before proceeding or proceed without re-negotiating. I work with you during this time to schedule the appropriate inspections and estimate repair costs if needed.

Final Approvals

Once the option period ends the next hurdle to cross is the appraisal and final approvals to your third party financing addendum. Your trusted lender is hard at work on your loan approval and has ordered the appraisal. Once the home appraises we wait for the lender and our close date. In the meantime, home warranties are chosen.

The day prior to closing we will schedule a walk through to make sure all conditions of the contract have been met. Then we meet at the designated title company to close and fund on your new home. Once the loan funds, arrangements are made for you to pick up your keys. I personally love to meet my clients at the closing table and always make an effort to be there! It’s my pleasure to be the first to welcome you home and offer a house warming gift!

buying a home

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