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How to Successfully Market Your Home

While a lot of the work falls on your realtor to market your home, there are several activities you as the homeowner can do to ensure your home sells fast.

Simplify Your Home

When you purchase your home and move in it’s a reflection of you. When you’re ready to leave, all personalization needs to be packed away and simplified, clean and staged product should be presented.

Home Staging

First impressions are key! Your home does not have to be perfect for every showing, but a tidy home free of odors is very important. Curb appeal and first impressions before they even open the door is also very important.

As a realtor, I offer a consultation and home staging to each of my clients. My goal is to work with what you already have, or pieces that I keep available to avoid paying for home staging. For a vacant home we will get creative and consider several staging options.


Disclose, disclose, disclose! Failure to disclose puts you at risk for legal ramifications. If in doubt, disclose and list repairs/remedies made. Most buyers are reasonable and understand that repairs and maintenance are normal in home ownership. Disclosing repairs or existing problems is key to working with honesty and integrity. As your Realtor, I insist on it.

The Right Price

How do we accurately choose a price for your home? There are several questions we must consider first:

  • What motivates you?
  • Do you need to sell fast, or do you have time?
  • Is getting the highest price the market allows most important, or is selling closing as soon as possible most important to you?

These drivers will help us determine the best price for your home. Over-pricing your home results in more days on market, and even if you get a buyer to pay the price, it must appraise. The condition of your home, current inventory, lending trends and seasons also play into the science of getting the right price. I will consider all of these factors when presenting a list price to you.

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